Real Estate Valuation Services 

We specialize in real estate appraisal in Tbilisi and throughout the country of Georgia.  We value all types of real estate  like single-family residential, condo, multi-family, office/retail, industrial, non-profit, land, including tangible and intangible assets as well as perform business valuations. We are also on review panel of many banks ensuring the quality of the valuation product.
Our professionals conduct appraisals in accordance with International Valuation (IVS) and RICS  standards. For financial accounting purposes, IFRS standards are also employed.

Typical Appraisal Approach:

  • Analysis of title documentation of the subject property;
  • Inspection of the subject property;
  • Analysis of the location and physical features of the property;
  • Description of applied methodology;
  • Analysis of the economic environment;
  • Analysis of the property market in the subject region including rentals, vacancy rates, selling prices, supply and demand;
  • Analysis of competitive environment and its influence of cash flow projection;
  • Highest and best use analysis of the subject property;
  • Estimation of main financial parameters;
  • Estimation of market value of the subject property using standard valuation approaches (income/comparison/cost approach); (subject to applicability)
  • Preparation of draft report;
  • Discussion and adaptation of draft report with client;
  • Preparation of final draft report;


Typical Appraisal Structure:

  • Transmittal letter;
  • Subject description;
  • Appraisal methodology;
  • Estimation of the subject value applying income/comparison/cost approaches if applicable;
  • Brief description of the analysis and conclusions on the valuation results;
  • List of general and specific conditions, assumptions and restrictions;
  • Appraisals containing the copies of pictures of the subject properties, list of documents used in the course of valuations, overview of the economic environment and of the particular real estate market segment;
  • Tabular and other attachments to the body text containing a summary of calculations and conclusions;