Our biggest asset is our professional team! 

Natia Kvatchadze MBA  
Chief Appraiser

Natia has over 10 years experience in real estate valuation as a founder/manager of a nationwide appraisal company in the U.S. Natia has performed thousands of valuation assignments as a California licensed appraiser.  She holds extensive education in valuation from U.S Appraisal Institute, Bachelor's Degree with honors in English from San Jose State University and Master's in Business Administration with honors from Lucas Business School from California.  more

Nikoloz Urushadze MRICS
General Director/Chartered Surveyor
Nikoloz is a member of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). He holds multi-years experience as a California certified appraiser with extensive education in real estate valuation. From 2001 through 2007 Nikoloz was running a real estate valuation company in the Silicon Valley, the state of California. Nikoloz was in charge of several construction management projects of mortgaged real estate for banks and other financial institutions. Nikoloz was also serving as a guest speaker at real estate events, as a real estate expert at banks and mortgage companies, and lectured on real estate appraisal field in U.S. colleges. Currently, Nikoloz is actively involved in the appraiser certification program with USAID in Georgia as well as lecturing on real estate valuation at the University of Georgia.


Guram Bantsadze
Chief Appraiser
Is a California licensed appraiser specializing in residential / commercial real estate appraisals. Guram has over 10 years experience in providing valuation services to U.S institutions in Bay Area. Guram has bachelor's degree in Economics from San Sose State University.


George Kvatchadze MBA
Chief Financial Officer / Real Estate Consultant

George is a real estate consultant with multi-years experience in real estate research work and investment analysis. George has over 10 years experience as a head of the Risk Management Department at TBC, one of the leading banks in Georgia. George serves as a financial expert providing consultancy to firms in regards to the projects in order to increase their profitability. George currently oversees several real estate construction projects monitoring financial performance against plan objectives, reviewing project budgets, preparing reports and progress summaries along with recommendations for any inconsistencies to the client. more