• www.orea.gov.com - California office of real estate appraisers. Here you can obtain information about licensing and certification procedures in U.S, the state of California
  • www.aplr.org  Association of protection land rights. APLR is overseeing real estate appraiser training in Georgia and working on the change of law to draw a clear line between auditors and appraisers
  • www.tbilisi.gov.ge - Tbilisi government site. Offers researches and information about Georgia and economics
  • www.map.ge - Offers a map of Tbilisi, where you can locate properties by their addresses.
  • www.reestri.gov.ge - Georgia county records web-site where you can retrieve property records by owner's name, property address, or identification number.
www.realtors.ge -Real Estate Portal from Wazzup Georgia. Only active listings from trustworthy information.