Our biggest asset is our professional team !

Need Help with Investment Decision? We can provide you with consultation on the real estate including market researches, highest and best use studies, feasibility reports.

Need Help with Valuation Services? We provide real estate property valuation services for all types of real estate and we do it professionally. We have over 15 years experience in real estate valuation. The company that we founded in Silicon Valley in 1999, California continues servicing clients in the U.S nationwide. Our appraisal reports are prepared according to international valuation standards (IVS), using the methodology recognized around the world. We have over 10 years record of working as reviewers on many panels of U.S. banks and mortgage companies. Our valuation reports are accepted by Deloitte, PWC, Baker Tillly, Ernst&Young.

Need help with Construction Project Management? Our construction project management team has extensive experience in the construction industry, including engineering, project management, quantity surveying, health and safety compliance, etc. We can help with construction management from conception to completion and with compliance of international standards.

We pride on strong business relationships with our clients including major banks, international financing organizations, embassies and other private companies. We continue to stay # 1 choice of solid companies in Georgia.

We own the biggest information database of all property sales and listings due to our continued investment in information and strong partner relationships with real estate brokerage companies in Georgia.

We value our clients and constantly strive to do better!

We keep our promises, and meet our deadlines!

Our Portfolio

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Completed 1200+ Projects


Skilled Team

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Jone Due

Sr. Web Developer

Dixie Le

Business Analyst

Dione Benjamin

Business Analyst

Hakim Smart

Clerical Methods Analyst

Miyah Bryan

Business Consultant

Alaina Albert

Industrial Analyst